Watch: From a wood block to a Toyota Camry in 35 days | Car News

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YouTube channel Woodworking Art has surprised us several times by creating wooden replicas of various vehicles, including supercars and sportscars. The latest one from the wood artist comes in the form of a wooden replica of a Toyota Camry. The Toyota Camry has been one of the bestselling sedans worldwide for a long time. This makes the woodwork of the Camry an automotive art for the masses. The wooden vehicle replica of the Camry sedan comes as realistic looking as possible with all the details. Recycled Plastic Pallet Machine

Watch: From a wood block to a Toyota Camry in 35 days | Car News

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The eighth-generation Toyota Camry is the sportiest-looking iteration of the sedan to date, and the wooden replica tries to follow the details as much as possible. The video shows the entire process of making the replica model from a wood block to the car, which comes with chiselled lines, crafted details at front and rear fascias, mesh grille and other non-straight lines as well. The car replica also comes with several movable parts as well. These include the four doors, hood and trunk, along with the mirrors and steering wheels.

As the video shows, the wooden car has a functional suspension setup and four wheels. As the video suggests, the artist took 35 consecutive days to finish the project to make the car from the wood block. The tedious process included extensive hand carving, machine cutting etc.

Watch: From a wood block to a Toyota Camry in 35 days | Car News

Wood Pallet Production Line Most midsize sedans around the world have moved to four-cylinder engines and hybrid powertrain technology to achieve better fuel efficiency. In its eighth-generation Toyota Camry available in the global market, the Japanese automaker offers the best of both sides. Interestingly, Toyota Camry has been highly influential in bringing in the hybrid powertrain revolution in the global automotive industry. The 3.5-litre engine produces 301 hp of peak power and 362 Nm of maximum torque. Power is channelled to the front wheels through an eight-speed automatic gearbox.